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Regional Availability

Where is the API engine hosted?

Renda microservices are currently hosted in 3 regions spread across the world to offer you the lowest latency for your API calls.

  • Ireland (Europe)

  • North Virginia (America)

  • Mumbai (Asia Pacific)

We have plans in the pipeline to expand to other regions very soon. Please drop us a line if you need the microservice hosted closer to a location near you. We will be happy to review your request and provide assistance.

Trial Plan

Do you offer any free plans?

Renda offers a generous 500 rendas for absolute free of costs each month which can be used towards API calls.

Billing Cycle

When will I be charged?

We will charge the card in the file once a month if your consumption is over > 500 renda units based on a simple volumetric pricing slab.

Rate card

How much will it cost me?

Renda Units

Per Renda Cost

Flat Fees

0 - 500



501 - 1000



1001 - 10,000



10,001 - 100,000



100,001 - 250,000



250,001 - 500,000



Greater than 500,000

Contact us for pricing

How are Renda units computed?

MicroserviceRenda Unit Consumption


1 unit

PDF Transformation APIs

1 unit

Time Based Authentication APIs

1 unit

Communication (SMS) APIs

10 unit per 160 character SMS (0 - 500 Rendas)

3 unit per 160 character SMS (501 - 1000 Rendas)

2 unit per 160 character SMS (1001+ Rendas)

Pricing Estimator

300 units/per month will cost £0 701 units/per month will cost £31.03 [701 x 0.03/renda + Flat fees £10] 10,001 units/per month will cost £170.01 [10,001 x 0.01/renda + Flat fees £70] 150,000 units/per month will cost £1500 300,000 units/per month will cost £2500

Backend Infrastructure

Renda's backend infrastructure is powered by AWS Lambda.


Renda's lambda powered infrastructure provides dynamic load scaling that seamlessly grows behind the scenes to accommodate and service large volume of API calls concurrently


How do I subscribe to Renda?

  • As part of the registration process Renda microservices can be subscribed by providing payment card details. Providing card details is a mandatory. This protects the platform from being abused. With its generous free tier, Renda will not bill you for the first 500 API call each month.

  • Alternatively, Renda can also be subscribed from the developer user dashboard.

How do I Cancel Subscription?

Log into developer user dashboard, navigate to 'Manage Billing' section and simply cancel.

Rate Limits

Renda employs a number of safety guards against burst of incoming traffic to maximize the platform's stability. Users who perform multiple APIs requests in quick successions may see error responses that show up as HTTP status code 429. All requests are throttled using token bucket algorithm where a token counts for a request.

What is the current rate limit?

100 requests per second. If you need higher concurrency support, please raise a support ticket specifying a reason for the upgrade

Font support

PDF transformation

Renda supports the following fonts for HTML to PDF transformation.

  • Arial

  • Arial Black

  • Avant Garde

  • Comic Sans

  • Courier New

  • Georgia

  • Helvetica

  • Impact

  • Kunstler

  • Nanum Gothic

  • Segoe

  • Simhei

  • Tahoma

  • Times New Roman

  • Verdana

If you need any other custom font support please raise a support ticket.

PDF Rendering Engine

Renda uses headless Chromium engine to convert HTML/Text documents into PDF.

Is there a payload limit?

Yes the payload limit is currently limited to ~6MB. You will encounter processing error once this limit is breached. Please write to support@renda.io if you need a higher payload limit.

Consulting Services

Do you offer custom built microservices?

Yes we do. Please write to us, we will be glad to work with you in bringing your ideas to life.

Data Storage

Renda only stores metadata associated with your API request for billing purposes. We do not store your any application related data on our servers. As soon as the service request is fulfilled the application data is purged.

Payments processing & Security

We use Stripe for subscription billing who employ world class security to save guard your card and personal details. Renda does not store your card or billing details.

Privacy Policy

Full documentation available here


How do I report issues?

Simply login into our ticketing system to raise tickets. Alternatively you are welcome to email us at support@renda.io

Renda Helpdesk

Feedbacks/feature requests?

Please email support at support@renda.io or raise a ticket at our helpdesk

Renda Helpdesk

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