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Renda Integration

Floe 220 now supports dynamic SMS content creation and integrates with Renda communicaiton API to send SMS messages.

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Setup SM59 Connection

  1. Login into Renda developer portal

  2. Subscribe to Communication Service in Renda portal

  3. Copy API Service URL to notepad

  4. Logon to SAP system where Floe is installed

  5. Go to transaction SM59

    1. Create a new HTTP Connection to External Server - Type G

    2. Key in RENDA.SMS in RFC Destination field

    3. Enter description as SMS service

    4. Under Technical Settings tab - Paste API Service URL based on the region you signed up

      • EU Region -

      • APAC Region -

      • America Region -

    5. Enter /communication/sendSMS in the Path Prefix field

    6. Enter Service No. as 443

    7. Under the Logon & Security tab - Set SSL to active

    8. Test Connection

Please remember to whitelist API Service URL from within your corporate firewall. This will enable outbound calls to be made from your SAP system to Renda engine in the cloud.

Floe system specific settings

  1. Go to SPRO->Cross Application Functions->Floe->Administration->System specific settings

  2. Under SMS Service Settings

    1. Select the RFC Destination setup for Renda.SMS using search help

    2. Enter API Key from Renda Developer Dashboard

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